By Ashley Poon || November 8, 2019


A participant labeling images during our workshop.

After the immense success of our first AI workshop at Abilities United, we were more than ecstatic to host another one!


Reflecting upon the feedback we received from our first workshop, we wanted to implement the use of touchscreen computers. However, we did not have the budget to acquire one. Thankfully, our wonderful teachers at AAR (Advanced Authentic Research) were able to buy us a new touchscreen computer to test out at this workshop! The touchscreen computers proved to be more intuitive, simplifying the image labeling process for our workshop attendees. We will definitely continue to use this technology in the future.


Another new development also occurred! Let us introduce you to our newest team member: Annika Viswesh!

Introducing Annika

Meet Annika, VP of Product

Annika is joining the 4ai team as the VP of Product, helping to develop 4ai’s artificial intelligence curriculum for people with disabilities. Having a strong computer science background, as well as a disability of her own, Annika is passionate about 4ai’s mission of closing the disparity between the disabled and the able bodied. She is also our first high school team member, as a sophomore from Palo Alto High School. She joined us at our last artificial intelligence workshop, teaching our attendees the basics of Scratch.

While Annika is our first high school team member, she will definitely not be our last. We are currently actively looking for more local high schoolers to join our team! If you are interested, please feel free to reach out and contact us at